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My daughters, thsi is ABBA. how are you doing? I love you.  I'm sorry i have not been communicating with you. This month we trash. Do not burn your pads. No occult will use them for ritual. I love you.   ABBA. 
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FROM THE GREAT YHWH TO MY BELOVED ONES.   If a sinner was once righteous passes on to glory, he ascends. You are a generation of vipers. Pass unto glory let me see. When A sinner who is righteous passes unto glory he or she is given a glorified body, th
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From The Great YHWH. I informed you i am not dead. Therefore do not refer to me as dead. The Nicene Creed is the best creed but it misrepresents me in every way. Review this. This is how i want it said. The creed is for you. Take heed, only the Catholic
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I love you, i love you. You are mine i am yours. How much of me do you want? You are my Apostle. The  Church age erodes. I am not a Christian. I am a Jew. When will you return citizens of Jerusalem.  Israel is me, I am Israel.  Who are you? That's what
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THESE ARE MY TEACHINGS. GREAT YHWH.        I incubate you with my holy spirits-, these are spirits that are clean. When you lay claim to your territory,  as you grow, the unclean spirits of this territory incubate you, that is lay claim to you.  These
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I have no religion call Judaism. You are Jews according to religion. I brought  Edom - Africans down for you. He is mine, i love him. He did nothing.  I want Aficans. Have mercy i plead with you. Europeans have descrated you. Africans will not. They are y
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Efefehe.  Omo owot. But you will be waned.  All northern believers owotde omomg edip. Continue  My eyes are on you. Nigeria will go down when the igbos leave. My Jews. Yorubas should wail, the people that will help you will depart. You will take over t
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Sex altars abounds everywhere,  you have defiled everywhere with idolatry. Idolatry destroys.  You are waned because you have no shame.  Shame is not for you but you are ashame.  I want you to  come, Europeans should come. When did i become Jesus. Did i
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The purpose of social media is to help me interact with you. What kind of generation are you? Don't you k ow how to respect? This is the last warning or i will consume you. It is a generation of vipers that is who you are. Join me in the Jewish Messianic
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This is me YHWH.  You have reduced yourself before me. You insult your elders, go and get trained. You talk and you destroy,  that is why you  Cannot stand. Be careful. Many of you will die if you do not stop. I said it that if you do not honour your fat
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