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To The Hebrews.

I have no religion call Judaism. You are Jews according to religion. I brought  Edom - Africans down for you. He is mine, i love him. He did nothing. 

I want Aficans. Have mercy i plead with you. Europeans have descrated you. Africans will not. They are your brothers. Peace.

You call me your Messiah. Where were you when Henry changed my name from YHWH to Yahweh.

Where were you when he changed my name, where were you? Islam has taken over Jerusalem The Holy city.

Call Yeshua The Messiah to help you. I AM THE KING OF THE EARTH, YESHUA HAMASCHIAC. CALL ME BY THIS. If you call me Yeshua The Messiah i will not come.

Be proud of me, be proud of who you are. I AM Hebrew from the tribe of Judah.  Where is your tribe? I have the Igbos with me, From the tribe of Manasseh. You know it's true, why did you change it. Ethiopian Jews will help. Igbos are wise they will disgrace you and you rejected them. Return them or Nigeria will lay claim to the igbos. That is why Nigeria prosper.

Nigeria will rule over you. You have just one tribe. Nigeria has two -Ephraim and Manasseh. Both are prosperous. Ephraim is small. Return them or i will breakout against you. Do not call me Yeshua The Messiah.or i will leave.

The tribe of Manasseh rules over Europe and you wane. You say they are blacks. They are blacks because they intermarry Edom.

Indians soak themselves in idols. Who will save me?

American pastors use yo to make money. I Am here seek for me. I am in Nigeria, where i have Ephraim and Manasseh. They are the jews of Africa.

Do not take the children of strange woman in their place. Go to Kenya and look for me. I am with my people.

Baruch haba bashem adonai




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