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The Purpose Of Social Media

The purpose of social media is to help me interact with you. What kind of generation are you? Don't you k ow how to respect? This is the last warning or i will consume you.

It is a generation of vipers that is who you are. Join me in the Jewish Messianic Forum. You adopted a religion, do you know the owner? I AM  YHWH.  

I ordained this, do you know me? Your pastors preach gospels of demons, they wane you. You are devils parading as men. Read the Torah. Leave the gospels. I AM YESHUA HAMASCHIAC . Meet me and i will wane you.

How do i wane you. You look for me but you do not know me, you know the one they gave you. Ask for mercy. 

You hear you sleep in different  sex patterns,  they are destroying you. You put offering and they go away, your pastors use them. I reject them because I reject you.

Offerings are for you.

I OWN THIS. Do you know this was won by someone's blood. MINE.

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