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Nigerian President

Efefehe.  Omo owot. But you will be waned. 

All northern believers owotde omomg edip. Continue 

My eyes are on you.

Nigeria will go down when the igbos leave. My Jews. Yorubas should wail, the people that will help you will depart.

You will take over the entire South. Who will save you from the Hausas.

Nke mmen a Yoruba pastor to redeem your tribe. He called me Jesus.  I asked him am i you? I AM YESHUA HAMASCHIAC .

My own Jews in Israel call me YESHUA THE MESSIAH. That is not me. I AM Hamaschiac .


You are awake.They give you nsime Prophecy. 

Edidi president ke mkpa.


Come down Osibanjo. Yak elrufai edi president. 

Go and wane or rescue my believers in the north.


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